In 2007, the artwork 'four phoenix' Zhuang brocade wove by Ms.Tan was collected by China National Museum and China Brocade Artwork Exhibition Hall;China Brocade, Zhuang brocade, handicraft
Dec 2006, Tan was awarded Arts & Crafts Art Master of China by China National Development and Reform Commission;
Aug 2006, Tan was awarded Brocade Arts & Crafts Master of China by National Brocade Association;
June 2006, Tan was awarded Folk Artist by Guangxi Folk Art Association;
In 1998, Tan was awarded 'the Role-model of Individual Contributor' by People's government of Guangxi, China;
In 1995, at her participation to 'National Women's Scientific and Technological Achievement Exhibition', Tan was awarded 'the Chinese Lady with Dexterity in the Hands';
In 1995, Tan and her students wove the brocade case bags for Beijing's hosting of the world NGO Conference on Women in 1995;
In 1993, Tan designed new bags with minority characteristics and it were ordered by local government in the usage of gifts;
In 1991, during the China traditional ethnic minority sports meeting, Ms.Tan led the students and workers to design Zhuang Brocade Bag with the pattern of the meeting's emblem and mascot, and successfully become the official appointment providers for the event;China brocade, Tan's brocade, Zhuang brocade, handicraft
In 1988, Tan developed series of new products and patterns with China traditional ethnic character;
In 1987, Tan was awarded Assistant to Art and Craft Master;
From 1984 to 1989, Tan provided basic training to craft persons;
In 1980, Tan conducted reformation of brocade technique in order to enhance efficiency;
In 1978, Tan participated in jute carpet weaving project in Guangxi, the project got the 3rd prize at Guangxi Scientific and Technological Achievement Exhibition.



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